Doll Me

Poem and Short Graphic Novel
Displayed and sold in Wooden Bird Comics, Beijing
The dolls have had various images from ancient time. They are lovely, ugly, magical, ordinary, beautiful and horrific. They possess lives, emotions, and stories. People like dolls because of the similar looking; people fear them because of the uneasiness subconsciously.

I started the project thanks to my great interest in dolls and horror stories. I researched a large number of stories and documentaries about the history of dolls. I extracted three stories from genuine records of dolls, i.e. Natural Creeping Baby Doll, Little Miss No-Name and Mexican Doll Island. I enriched my understanding and imagination, and put them in new backgrounds. Pictures of the project were created in pencil drawing and collage and subsequently were printed into a graphic novel.

Chapter I

The farm notice was posted
Farmer called the neighborhood
Villagers next door heard the news
People in the town came together
People in the city rushed to the farm

Look, that monster!
Repeats every moment
Repeats every day

Chapter II

Rumble rumble...
Dolls were born here
Big drop of teardrop likes a gemstone

They rushed out of the factory
Squeezed into the store
And being taken home

However soon
Factory closed down

Chapter III

There is an unknown island in the middle of the ocean

Thousands of dolls flocked here

It is a non-naturally formed island
Still gradually expanding